Visit the Island of Ven |  Think About Tumlarna

Through this film learn of the way Niels Mouritzen, owner of the House of Hven, a hotel and restaurant on the island, is utilizing the sea in his business. Neils talks about “Best Taste Closer” and blue tourism in Skåne, and we hear from Kathrin Baake, Head Chef at House of Hven, about how she is using the sea in her cooking.

The Öresund straight between Skåne, south Sweden, and Denmark, is a very vivid water. And right in the middle there is the beautiful island of Ven.

We pay a visit to the Kullaberg peninsula and speak to David Arborelius, manager of Kullabergsguiderna and Johanna Stedt, Marine biologist. Kullabergsguiderna run whale watching tours in the area and hasin collaboration with the County Administrative Board of Skåne created the project “Think About Tumlarna”. The project strives to encourage environmental measures to protect these small, charming whales called “Porpoises”. Johanna lets us in on her captivating research on porpoises, her collaboration with David and how they are working to preserve these aquatic mammals together.

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