Issue 8 - Fair Play

Issue 8 - Fair Play

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As I contemplate my chosen industry, so many examples of unfair play crowd into my mind that I have difficulty processing them. I have witnessed such a mélange of trickery and worse over the years as the theocracies of fossil fuels and nuclear have defended the energy status quo – a suicidally dysfunctional status quo, as I see it. Some flashbacks, to illustrate my point

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Spring has sprung - or at least the bulbs are coming up - and us less hardy cyclists are oiling our chains ready for eight months of feeling better about ourselves. Cycling has become my way of getting some sport into part of my working day. But I am still in the minority. Why are we being so slow at making our towns and cities more cyclable and walkable? We keep being told about a British obesity crisis, many of our cities' roads are clogged up seven days a week, car exhausts are blamed as a major contributor to breathing-related afflictions, the race for oil is well and truly on, and then there is that behemoth of a story: the world’s very existence as a climatically stable place is being threatened by our carbon emissions.

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It seems a good thing to strive for, and is the bedrock of a functioning society, a legal system and a belief in taxation.

Fairness is about getting, when compared to others, what you deserve – whether in treatment, money, goods or opportunity. Acquiring wealth, goods or opportunity is a certain sort of treatment, a return for your labour, time and the quantifying of your worth. So is fairness all about your treatment at the hands of others? It’s a big subject, because fairness is intimately tied to fortune and misfortune – the basic rhythms of our lives – and to the relationships we have – with individuals, society and the state. Oh, and to our own acceptance of ourselves. Pretty much everything, really.

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Imagine a shop where every single gadget, ornament, household article and item of soft furnishing that you’ve seen on your favourite eco website is there to be looked at, touched and considered for purchase.