Trade Over Aid

  • Aug 04, 2015
  • Published in Fashion
A social enterprise with a focus on sustainable fashion, Sancho’s Dress is showing the way in empowering artisans out of poverty. Kalkidan Legesse, its founder, envisioned a business that would nurture the talent in Ethiopia and bring about awareness to the value of artisanal crafts

New Luxury

Our relationship with luxury is changing. After a long love affair with the superficial, we are starting to feel uneasy, dissatisfied even, and exploited. We can’t quite put our finger on it, but something’s wrong. The luxury goods we once craved aren’t offering the high they used to; they’ve lost their power, their tempting sparkle, and seem somehow shallow

Bamboo Prophet

Troy Wiseman’s heart for people has been a critical factor in his outstanding success as an entrepreneur, businessman, investor and leader. Changing lives in communities devoid of hope has become more than just a passion. It is a personal mission that has been written into everything Troy does and indeed has been the backbone of each of his line of successful companies
Elin Sigrén turns porcelain scraps into jewellery fantasies. Each piece of found porcelain is ground into shape and set in a circle of shiny, thick silver

Treading Softly

You could be forgiven for not quite believing the Po-Zu shoe. They are comfort incarnate, as household as the Ugg – but hipper – and thoroughly sustainable. Sublime talks to man behind the brand