Taking Responsibility for Tourism

Written with tourism industry professsionals in mind, this book is equally useful for anyone wanting a deeper understanding of how to be a better traveller. Through perceptive anecdotes and thought-provoking scenarios it offers a brilliant insight into the complex impacts of tourism today and how we can make it more responsible

Nordic Gems

Visiting the Faroe Islands is like setting foot in a fairy-tale. With ninth-century grass-roofed buildings, legends of elves and trolls living in the hills and sparsely inhabited green islands dotted like flecks from a master’s paintbrush on the glittering sea, these lands are transporting in the extreme

Twice the Adventure

Sublime decided to take a step further and approach travel from two different perspectives: male and female. Gabriel O’Rorke and her companion for the trip, Tom Laing, visit Andorra, taking their so-called fundamental dispositions with them …

Travelling on Fair Ground

Fair Trade products such as coffee, chocolate and fruit have been available for nearly 50 years, but it has only been in the last decade or so that the concept has been extended to tourism. Johannesburg is pioneering this innovative type of tourism

Living on Water

Imagine waking up on the water every day in your very own floating home. The idea is an inviting one.

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