Music Review 29

St Vincent ⚫ Phall Fatale ⚫ Kill It Kid ⚫ Brothers of Brazil ⚫ Bobby Valentino


Singing in the Key of Life

As a Staffordshire pottery heiress and a renowned lyricist, a female vocalist and member of the international jet-set, Sublime’s latest guest interviewee is making for a very interesting conversation. And we’ve hardly started

The Music Machine

From south London schoolgirl to queen of Goth glamour and feted musician, flame-haired Florence Welch, of stadium-packing band Florence + the Machine, reveals the rich wealth of influences behind her latest album

Jamie Cullum, Jazz Emotion

If the range of his tastes and talents seemed wide before, the breadth of interests and influences on display on Jamie Cullum’s new studio album – his fourth – is positively outrageous.

Call Of The Wild

Life in the provinces can be hard for a teenage musician suffering from metropole envy. But in the right hands this sense of isolation and ‘missing out’ often becomes a powerful creative driving force.

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