Model Of A Woman

Today there are thousands of girls aspiring to be the next Kate Moss in an age when perhaps it has never been easier to get into modelling. Yet there was once a golden age, when only a handful of models made it into the history books. We meet one of them

The Fur's Flying

Designers are working with animal pelts again, both real and faux. With demand high, now that farming conditions are better than they ever were and the manmade version is so good – what’s the problem?

Making It Big

Feeling stuck in a rut, bored with your job – or just glad you’ve still got one? For students and workers in the creative industries, raw talent on its own will never be enough to get on. For the rest of us, we probably could do better

Model Behaviour

Being beautiful and successful comes naturally to Lonneke Engel. Along with a growing number of celebrities, she’s using her creativity to encourage others on the path to a healthier way of living

Brazilian Soul

Designer Oskar Metsavaht has always been ahead of the curve. But people are finally starting to catch on to his ideas – both in his homeland and beyond