Upcycling fun

Here is a quick and easy tutorial for a super functional and super cute bag for life made from an old duvet cover found in a charity shop in this instance but you could easily use some old tea towels, curtains or a tablecloth. You can either use a sewing machine to put it together or if that sounds a little scary it can all be sewn by hand

Ethical Fashion with a POP!

It’s heartening to see so many small boutiques are now choosing to stock brands that promote fashion with an ethical core. POP (The Fashion Store), which has recently opened its doors in Olney, Buckinghamshire is one such place that sells an array of divinely stylish clothing and accessories with a conscience

The real price of cotton

For most shoppers, it can be all too easy to succumb to the lure of the high street, with its astronomically low prices and seemingly good value for money. Why pay 30 pounds for a simple cotton t-shirt when you can buy several for the same money at any store on the main thoroughfare of any British town. It’s easy, convenient and best of all... cheap. Or is it?

Hands, Spirit, Heart

When French designer Aurelyen moved to an impoverished Peruvian shanty-town, he saw not hopelessness but possibility and potential. Proving that a desire to grow inhabits all of us, no matter our circumstances, his brand is helping the people he met not just survive the global economy, but thrive

Model Of A Woman

Today there are thousands of girls aspiring to be the next Kate Moss in an age when perhaps it has never been easier to get into modelling. Yet there was once a golden age, when only a handful of models made it into the history books. We meet one of them

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