Model Behaviour

Being beautiful and successful comes naturally to Lonneke Engel. Along with a growing number of celebrities, she’s using her creativity to encourage others on the path to a healthier way of living

Brazilian Soul

Designer Oskar Metsavaht has always been ahead of the curve. But people are finally starting to catch on to his ideas – both in his homeland and beyond

Being There

The secret of a lifelong partnership is teamwork: in the tough times, as well as when it’s fun. Last summer Mrs H and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary. I always thought that silver weddings were something old people celebrated, but we are still young(ish). We met over 27 years ago as fresh-faced 19-and 20-year-olds (I bagged myself a young bride at Angels Disco, Burnley, Lancashire). Neither of us had ever thought we would marry so young but two years after we met, we made our parents cry – with joy, of course – at the local parish church.

Flying High

Finally Hussein Chalayan is achieving the kind of support and widespread recognition that he has always deserved. As much artist as designer, his work is a cross fertilisation of ideas from many disciplines.

Going Full Circle

So wrote Bruce Chatwin in his lyrical novel The Songlines, which explores the nomadic qualities of our human existence. Is it possible that for us, some thirty years after this novel was written, his ideas about our constant need to discover and experience the new can shed light on how we develop a new relationship with our clothes? One where we value and treat our possessions more carefully and thoughtfully?