The Iraqi Supper Club

As part of the Nour Festival of Light, a celebration of arts from the Middle East and North Africa, a little bit of Baghdad was recreated on a rainy winter night in west London. Sublime was invited by Lamees Ibrahim, author of The Iraqi Cookbook, to enjoy a unique Iraqi food showcase

Twice the Adventure

Sublime decided to take a step further and approach travel from two different perspectives: male and female. Gabriel O’Rorke and her companion for the trip, Tom Laing, visit Andorra, taking their so-called fundamental dispositions with them …

Painted Words

Some of the world’s greatest thinkers used quill pens to ink their ideals and imbue society with new perspectives. Alexandra Grant utilizes the less obvious media of painting to relay philosophical statements and stimulate society to ask why

Trash to Treasure

With U.S citizens throwing away 13 million tons of textiles annually, one has to wonder, where do all those garments go? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), only a meager 15 percent is recovered for reuse and recycling with the rest occupying landfill space. But as they say, what’s one man’s trash is another man’s treasure ... 

Mosaics of Gold

For many, stepping outside in the morning without pinning, curling, waxing, heating, plucking, shaving, and sucking in, is more unfathomable than missing breakfast. Society’s obsession with beauty, caused by the constant barrage of images brought to us mainly by advertising, serves as the subject of Sandhi Schimmel Golds’ stunning mixed media potrait series