A Gift for Life

Beyond the feel good choice of ‘making a difference’, photographer and social storyteller Tom Price latest project focuses the lens on the people behind our charity donations

The Journey Back to Baroque

Venetian Baroque is in peril. The history of its birth – the emerging of the first public opera houses, the invention of sonata, cantata, concerto – has been told worldwide but remains largely unspoken at home

Winds of Change

Product designer Merel Karhof draws inspiration from every day observations and inspections of her surroundings. She curiously unfolds the overlooked and creates designs that tell their very own unique stories. For her most recent project, Windworks, she’s designing upholstered furniture in collaboration with three historical windmills in the Netherlands

Damascus Roof and Tales of Paradise

A spellbinding journey through old Damascus and the stories, art and architecture that’s put at risk by a tide of modernisation. Soudade Kaadan’s documentary won the second prize in the Murh Arab Documentary category at the Dubai International Film Festival

Connecting Threads

Interwoven – a new exhibition at Habitat’s Platform gallery – pioneers new paths for the traditional art of weaving