Europe, People & Shared Culture

For Europe to be sustainable and prosper, its peoples need to feel they belong to something greater than their own nation state. Beyond the economic and political reasons for the existance of a European Union, we need to be ready for the challenges that globalisation poses to the sustainability of our cultural diversity

Get Moving – Sustainability in Body and Soul

The modern world’s emphasis on a particular type of worldview has created a duality between our brain and body. Healing this disconnect can encourage a more holistic understanding of ourselves and help us approach global issues in a new way

New Life in the Desert

The desert of Burkina Faso was an unlikely place for London-based fashion editor Charlie Davies to move to, but it was there that she discovered the opportunity of a lifetime among a remote family of Fulani artisans. SAHEL incorporates traditionally crafted horse reins into contemporary luxury fashion accessories – with sustainability and integrity at its core

Agent 001

Ada Ooi is a vivacious and clever entrepreneurial young woman who has succeeded in combining professional wisdom with the beauty traditions of her ancestors. Throw into the mix her curious mind, attention to detail and her passion for dance, art and photography and you will get the essence of what is distilled in 001 Skincare

Permacultural Renewal

Dynamic, evolving and inspiring, Permaculture emerged like a manual of possibility in the late 1970s. Not just sustaining and celebrating people’s love for the natural world, but designed around those very feelings, it began with growing food and reached far beyond. Still not a widely understood concept, it sometimes seems Permaculture has failed to fulfill its own promise. But shifts, especially those as fundamental and far-reaching, take time

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