Going Full Circle

So wrote Bruce Chatwin in his lyrical novel The Songlines, which explores the nomadic qualities of our human existence. Is it possible that for us, some thirty years after this novel was written, his ideas about our constant need to discover and experience the new can shed light on how we develop a new relationship with our clothes? One where we value and treat our possessions more carefully and thoughtfully?

The Rules Of The Road

Where do we get our ideas of what, and who, is home? From the traditional Gypsy caravan to the brand-new nomads of constant connectivity, people all over the place are living by their own rules.

Dare To Be Different

Want to make your mark in the world? Sublime looks at what it takes to swim against the tide and live.

Addicted To Novelty

Innovation – what is it, who does it, and how can it make the world a better place?

Passionate Patriarch

A keen believer in Barack Obama, Donald Sutherland seems to have lost none of the revolutionary fire that helped make his name as one of the 1960s generation of Hollywood protesters.