Tom Laing

Tom Laing

Tom Laing is a travel-aholic with a strong interest in all things sustainable. He grew up in Sussex, spending holidays in the Scottish Highlands jumping in freezing rivers and trying to light fires in the drizzle. He has climbed over 200 Munros and visited more than 60 countries.

Set in the beautiful Chilean Lake district, the Vira Vira Hacienda is an oasis of peace and recreation that truly redefines the concept of vacation

A Pacific squall batters the coast as rain and mist swirl around the grim, stern faces of seven stone figures, lending an atmospheric quality to this awe-inspiring sight. Tom Laing explores the misteries of Easter Island

Tossing a peanut onto a map and buying a one-way ticket to wherever it lands may not seem like the best thought-out way to decide the next step in one’s life-adventure, nor indeed in one’s career, but it seems to have done the trick for Chloe Gibbs

Panama City is experiencing unstoppable growth and progressive transformation and with that, thriving tourism finds its way into the capital. Sublime tries to catch a glimpse behind the façade of Panama City’s seemingly boundless development and discovers that it – unlike many other booming metropolises – masters the difficult balancing act between its authentic colonial character and 21st century modernity

The Royal Bengal Tiger is precious to India, yet the species is becoming closer to extinction each day. ‘Project Tiger’, supported by the Indian Government, is working towards the survival of these majestic creatures through preserving their natural habitat

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Posted by Greenpeace UK on Monday, 6 February 2017