Laura Santamaria

Laura Santamaria

Editor in Chief

Laura is a branding and communication consultant with a global vision and strong awareness of customer trends, sustainability and fashion. She co-founded Santamaria Design Consultants in 1995, specialising in branding and new product development. For the last eight years her work has focused on applying her branding and marketing strategy experience gained by working in the business sector to benefit not-for-profit organisations.

The 16th-24th September will see London come alive with all the creativity, innovation and community vibes. We are glad to see the Service Design Fringe Festival return for its eagerly anticipated 4th year

At this year’s London Design Festival, the pioneering studio CORQUE presents at THECUBE London, an outdoor design installation with a selection of the brand’s iconic furniture pieces and accessories made from cork, combining two major innovation assets in product design – digital manufacturing, and design craftsmanship

Visiting countries where the consequences of unsustainable production are highly visible can have a life-changing impact on us. We know it is hard to change the world, but we can always do something. Lost in Samsara is a positive contribution towards that change

The future of fashion is sustainability and sustainability is the new fashion. This season Sublime leaves London’s fashion establishment behind, and heads to Brighton to join the real fashion avant garde

Our technology-driven generation often gets a bad reputation – anti-social, unable to concentrate and addicted to their screens are complaints heard all too often. However, it is undeniable  that the digital world has provided a platform for connecting and collaborating, and so fostering meaningful experiences that the traditional economy lacks