Sunday 27 August 2017

Charting a 21st Century Renaissance

Written by Sublime Team

Charting a 21st Century Renaissance

Faced with challenges never previously faced by humanity as a whole we need a different way of engaging with this planet. And there is a way. A way that offers real hope not despair

Charting a 21st Century Renaissance

A four-day seminar with Colin Tudge
Wednesday September 20th (7pm) to Sunday September 24th (2pm)

In collaboration with The College for Real Farming and Food Culture, Colin Tudge will deliver a stimulating programme combining the theory and practice of food production for now and the future.

The challenges facing humanity and the planet require radical thinking if they are to be met. From the 20th of September, the Chisholme Institute together with Colin Tudge’s College for Real Farming and Food Culture (CRFFC) will offer the opportunity to engage in such thinking.

The seminar will be an opportunity to gather people working in the field of meaningful change, a space to connect and meet in order to support our initiatives in the best of our abilities, to see how we can collaborate and contribute with our practices and intentions.

The Perennial Wisdom in Everyday Life, a series of talks and workshops led by Colin Tudge and guest speakers will provide food for inspiring thought. Chisholme will be a wonderful setting for the seminar. Its garden and kitchen will serve participants with the finest of food over the four days the seminar will span.

For information in how to book a place please follow the link:

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