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Issue 16 - Wisdom

Issue 16 - Wisdom

Japan Special

Misa Harada

Wabi Sabi


Garden Samurai


Keisuke Serizawa

Shell Eco-Marathon Winners

Sri Lanka

Wise Up

Women In Ethical Business Awards

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French Director Ursula Meier’s feature debut Home illustrates the inner voyage of a family whose peaceful existence is threatened when a seemingly abandoned stretch of motorway is reopened, only metres from their secluded house.

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A complex blend of historic beauty, a difficult past and a bright new vision, there’s more to the Harewood Estate than meets the eye. Its owner, Viscount David Lascelles, is first and foremost a straight-talking Yorkshireman with a passion for film, history and conservation.

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Barry Schwartz, American psychologist and professor of social theory and social action at Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania examines the demise of wisdom in a society beleaguered by rules and a culture of incentives at the TED 2009 Conference

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It's time to regain a holistic view of the value of our resources

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Much classic British comedy has been inspired by the faithful civil servant, juggling the whims of some upstart new minister. Yet there is truth in this stereotype. A new culture of government could do with being ushered in, and soon


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Are we turning into a fearful, passive culture that finds it easier to blame others for our circumstances than take real responsibility for our lives? A culture where what is frankly foolish is celebrated, rather than what is wise searched out?

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Big business is fast realising that, in economic terms, things can’t go on in the same way for much longer. But is anything being done? Where to begin?

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