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Issue 13 - Pure

Issue 13 - Pure

Arctic Cool

Hussein Chalayan

Return To The Source

Scandinavian Home

Elemental Force

For The Love Of Russia

Pure Beauty

Eugene McGuinness

Cooler Shaker

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Everybody knows, nobody worries’ is the message from the producers of 8, a feature-length collection of short films by eight different directors, each of which demonstrates.

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In the wake of the worst of the credit crisis, many are saying that the environmental crisis is going to be worse. Could applying the alternative energy family on the ground provide financial and employment hope, as well as a peak-oil alternative, in the coming days?

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Wayne Hemingway encourages us to keep it simple, if we want to be happy and avoid debt 

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It’s one of the geological wonders of the world, offering ethereal glaciers, collapsed volcanoes, natural spas and steaming hot springs, a vast island that’s become a mecca for those seeking cool chic. It’s Iceland. Sublime takes journey through this ancient land of formidable and untouched natural beauty.

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What happens when artists get together to challenge the contemporary art system and re-enact the Iguanodon dinner held in the wake of the Great Exhibition of 1853? An extraordinary installation that serves as a pretext to explore attitudes to human reproduction in the 21st century. Sublime introduces British-based art collective Foreign Investment...

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Finally Hussein Chalayan is achieving the kind of support and widespread recognition that he has always deserved. As much artist as designer, his work is a cross fertilisation of ideas from many disciplines.

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